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Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter for sale

Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter for sale for entertainment businesses.

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Simulator basic information
Simulated AircraftBell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter
Engine(s)Generic engine(s)
Date of manufacture 2013
Avionics Bell 206 Standard Avionics
  • Full IFR including original Garmin 196 GPS
  • Elite Simulation radio panel with all functions according to Dodosim
  • All switches are prewired and interfaced
  • originales Bell 206 Overheadpanel with all functions
  • Prepar3D
  • FlyElise
Status Other Training Device - no qualification
Image Generator / Visual System
  • 3 projectors, screen available (optional at cost)
Hours in Operation -/-
Comments -/-
Avionics -/-

Controls:  dual steering, dual pedals, Cyclicstick, collective with power on pilot side, with out Power on Co pilot side;

1 Main PC with Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Intel i7 870
Nvidia Ge-Force GTX 590 (3x DVI Anschluß)
6 GB Ram DDR-3
1 Systemhard drive S-ATA 150 GB
1 Simulator hard drive S-ATA 500 GB
Keyboard & mouse
DVD/CD Rom drive

1 Client Acer Aspire PC      Windows 7 Home 64 bit
Intel i5-4460
4 Gb Ram DDR-3
Festplatte HDD 1000GB
Grafik Intel-HD
Rack cabinet

Image Generator / Visual System -/-
Motion Plattform None
Motion Plattform Detailed -/-
Options -/-
Service Contract no service contract, possible maintenance via partner
Warranty no warranty
Transport & installation on request

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