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Original A320 Cockpit Simulator for sale

FST offers an A320 Simulator based on an original A320 Cockpit with tail number, which is equipped with visual system mirror for collimation. This unit is mounted on a pitch motion frame.


Request for quotation

Simulator basic information
Simulated AircraftAirbus A320
Date of manufacture Rebuilt in 2014
  • Standard A320 Avionics
  • Overhead Panel not functional, can be added at cost
  • Prepar3D
  • Jehell Flight Software
Status Other Training Device - no qualification
Image Generator / Visual System
  • 2 forward view monitors with collimated mirror
  • IG: Prepar3D
Hours in Operation over 100 hours
  • Mounted on pitch motion frame which is instructor controlled
  • Captain & F/O position have forward view screens and the F/O has a side screen view in addition
  • Vibration seats to emulate turbulence etc. – instructor controlled
  • Space required approximately 7 x 5 meters and 4 meters height.
  • A320 Avionics
  • Overhead panel functional on request
  • Collimated displays
  • Vibration seats
  • Pitch motion frame
Image Generator / Visual System -/-
Motion Plattform 1 DOF
Motion Plattform Detailed
  • Pitch motion platform
  • Vibration seats
Options -/-
Service Contract on request
Warranty none
Transport & installation on request

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