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A320 Full Flight Simulator for sale

CAE built A320 Full Flight Level D 1.8 STD for sale.

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Simulator basic information
Simulated AircraftAirbus A320
Engine(s)CFM 56-5B4
Date of manufacture 2003
Avionics Airbus 1.8 STD
Qualification Qualification level & qualifying authority
  • Grandfather DG
  • FFS Level D
Status In Operation - qualified
Image Generator / Visual System CAE Troppos 6220

Troppos 6220 180×40 collimated

Hours in Operation since 2003

Device on 1.8 STD updated currently no UPRT update but PBN updated.

Avionics Standard A320 Avionics

Airbus 1.8 STD +


Sapre Parts available

Image Generator / Visual System Tropos 6220

CAE Troppos 6220, 3 Channel, 180 x 40 Collimated

Motion Plattform 6 DOF
Motion Plattform Detailed CAE Hydraulical

Hydraulic Motion System 600 -6 DOF/ 54″

Options -/-
Service Contract on request
Warranty no warranty
Transport & installation on request with FST as well as UPRT updates