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Beech BE76 Duchess Simulator

For our US and Canadian customers! 2 x Frasca BE76 Duchess Simulators with original Garmin 430W for immediate purchase! TruFlight Frasca 242, Level 2, FAA and TC qualified! Offers welcome!

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Simulator basic information
ManufacturerFrasca Flight Simulation
Simulated AircraftBE76 Duchess
Engine(s)Generic engine(s)
Date of manufacture 2011
  • Classical Gauges
  • Original Garmin 430W
Qualification Qualification level & qualifying authority
  • Qualification Level 14 CFR PART 60 (USA)
  • FAA FTD Level 2
Status In Operation - qualified
Image Generator / Visual System
  • Frasca TruVision Global 3-Channel Cylindrical EVS
  • 3 Projectors covering 180 by 35
Hours in Operation low amount of hours

These devices are for immediate purchase at a good and reasonable offer!

  • Classical Gauges
  • Original Garmin 430W
Equipment -/-
Image Generator / Visual System
  • TruVision 180 by 35°
  • 3-Channel EVS
Motion Plattform None
Motion Plattform Detailed -/-
Options -/-
Service Contract on request
Warranty no warranty
Transport & installation on request

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