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Eca Faros A320 APT

Eca Faros A320 Airbus Procedure Trainer, the add-on to your FFS preparation.

Airbus Version: 1.4

Std Airbus packaged paid.

Was certified, by French and Belgian CAA, until oct 2013 as STD 2A level 1 which allow to perform 50% of the type rating under EASA.
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Simulator basic information
ManufacturerECA Faros
Simulated AircraftAirbus A320
Date of manufacture 2006 with update in 2011
  • A320 Standard displayed on touch screen
Qualification Qualification level & qualifying authority
  • Alternative Training Devices - no qualification
  • Airbus Procedure Trainer
Status in operation - not qualified
Image Generator / Visual System
  • none
Hours in Operation less that 400
Comments -/-
Avionics -/-
Equipment -/-
Image Generator / Visual System -/-
Motion Plattform None
Motion Plattform Detailed -/-
Options -/-
Service Contract on request with Eca Faros
Warranty none
Transport & installation on request