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Mechtronix Ascent XJ FNPTII MCC Jet & Turboprop Trainer

FST is offering a Mechtronix Ascent XJ Trainer, a FNPTII MCC device which represents both A Twin Jet setup (based on CRJ) and can also be modified to Generic Turboprop (based on ATR).

Device can be overhauled and updated.

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Simulator basic information
ManufacturerMechtronix Systems
Simulated Aircraft
  • ATR72
  • CRJ 200 - Regional Jet
Engine(s)Generic engine(s)
Date of manufacture 2009
  • EFIS
  • FMS
Qualification Qualification level & qualifying authority
  • MCC
Status In Operation - qualified
Image Generator / Visual System
  • Raster XT
  • 3-Channel 180° x 35°
Hours in Operation 10.000 (but we can overhaul it, it is still in good condition)

Is in very good condition, service contract and relocation package available.

  • EFIS
  • FMS


  • Complete Simulator with server rack and Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Kit to change FSTD from Twin Jet (CRJ) into Turboprop (ATR)
  • Computer Generated Instrument Overhead Panel
Image Generator / Visual System
  • Raster XT
  • 3-Channel Visual System
  • 180° x 35° field of view
Motion Plattform None
Motion Plattform Detailed -/-
Options -/-
Service Contract on request possible with different service levels
Warranty If refurbished, warranty on selected parts or TBD via maintenance agreement.
Transport & installation Complete Relocation Pacage and Qualification Assistance on request