By Alexander Schaffler With no comments – With our partner  FTD Consulting as one of our service providers, we conduct EASA FCL Organisation approvals and provide documentation for complex & non-complex organisations according to Commission Regulation (EU) No 290/2012 dated 30th of March 2012.   FTD Consulting, which is the founder of the project Flight Simulator Trader is currently addressing several ATO approvals throughout Europe, especially for the CAAs of Germany, Switzerland & Austria, but more are to follow.

Also for FSTD operators, even if they are no ATO or an AOC holder, this is vital as documentation requirements under EASA have been raised and a simple Quality Systems setup as you have found under JAR-regulations will not be sufficient anymore. According to PART-ORA.GEN & PART-ORA.FSTD you will have to implement a Management System with the following subsystems and documentation:

  1. Compliance Monitoring Program (CMP) with a compliance monitoring manuals comprising the organisation and the FSTD operation
  2. Safety Management System (SMS) with a safety management manual, which comprises the relevant parts of the organisation but only parts of the FSTD operation as safety is primarily intended in flight operations.
  3. Emergency Response Planning (ERP) with ERP-Manual and processes for emergency cases. Also here this is primarily for flight ops, but FSTD relevant items can also be covered.

This is all held together by a sophisticated Organisation Management Manual (OMM), which contains the above mentioned manuals and which may also be used to cover procedures as laid out in your FSTD training syllabuses. So, as an FSTD operator, you will not have to follow the complete requirements as ATO and other organisation would have to do by also delivering even the operations manuals A to D but still this might be a lot of effort and not fulfilling this requirement will cost or delay your EASA FSTD approval.

By folowing the instructions of PART-ORA.GEN and ORA.FSTD for the management system documentation with two or three skilled employees to work on it for several months, might be way to comply or…

…simply inquire with us via our  project website ATO-approval. We offer not only a complete set of EASA-compliant documentation, but also consulting services for your organisation to get the approval.

Project references for FTD Consulting to name just some german customers:

LVB – Luftsport-Verband Bayern e.V. a non-profit organisation & registered facility (RF) , which is the head of about 130 associated aviation clubs providing flight training in the private pilot sector. The organisation is intended to become a Non-Complex Approved Training Organisation (ATO) under the supervision of the Luftamt Südbayern, the aviation authority for South Bavaria & Munich, Germany.

FFH – Südwestdeutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule a german ATO which hired FTD Consulting to update their quality manual with Safety Management System  & Compliance Monitoring Program and thus trasferring the document into an Organisation Management Manual.

FairJets a german AOC holder needing to transfer to ATO for their business jet operation are accompanied by FTD Consulting and receive a complete set of ATO manuals.

Inquire with Flight Simulator Trader or via in order to receive more information on your EASA ATO approval.


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Posted: September 15, 2013