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Flight Simulator Trader (FST) – The international platform for new & used devices.

We trade professional flight simulation training devices (FSTDs), other training devices, simulation equipment and offer a variety of services.

Flight Simulator Trader is an independent platform for trading flight simulators of all kinds. In particular we trade professional flight simulation training devices (FSTDs) approved for pilot training, but we also want to be a platform for those invest in other aviation business as it is rapidly increasing.

Furthermore, we do offer simulation equipment and cockpits for simulator use as well as a variety of services, especially linked to professional flight simulation:

  • Consulting
  • Qualification Support
  • Preparation of EASA Documentation
  • Upgrades & Relocation
  • Financing Solutions
  • Factory Acceptance & Evaluations
  • Simulator Design

Your advantages:

  1. Use our platform to get listed and be able to increase the chance to sell or find new & used devices.
  2. Improved market transparency. See what´s out there on the market.
  3. Make way for a new device by getting rid of your used device quickly
  4. Find services and consulting related to your sales or purchase, which we can offer to you to make your life easier (e.g. factory acceptance, relocation or qualification support)

Contact us now in order to get listed or inquiry for an already listed device or piece of equipment. Listing with us is free, but we do ask for a sales commission, which we negotiate with you.

Visit to see the latest offers and for service packages we can offer!

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Posted: April 16, 2013