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Munich, 02. Nov. 2019 –  Flight Simulator Trader acquired a Flight Safety ATR42/72-500 Full Flight Simulator from HOP!-Training, France, for one of its clients in South America to develop of its training portfolio.

Flight Simulator Trader acquired a Flight Safety ATR42/72-500 Full Flight Simulator from HOP!-Training, France to develop of its training portfolio for South American and overseas operators of ATR aircraft.
Flight Simulator Trader was acting as general contractor on behalf of HOP!-Training as former operator of the device and the new owner. FST sourced the Full Flight Simulator, evaluated, upgraded and relocated the device to provide a piece of mind solution for HOP!-Training.

“I am very grateful for the 12 months of cooperation that led to the sale of this device. I appreciate the common effort and exchange I had especially with Philippe Goetz and Marc Borina of HOP!-Training and being able to make this project happen to the benefit of all parties involved!”, says Mr Alexander Schaffler, Managing Director of Flight Simulator Trader.

“I really appreciated the commitment of Alexander Schaffler of FST to source and select potential customers and to finalize an agreement for the sale of our ATR Simulator device to a new Training center”, says Mr Philippe Goetz, CEO of HOP!-Training.

About HOP!-Training


The training center at the heart of the airline industry.

Created in 1991, HOP!-TRAINING offers approved trainings for pilot, cabin crew, maintenance engineer and ground staff with an expertise focused on regional aircraft trainings for ATR, Bombardier and Embraer operators.

Our cutting-edge training equipment and flight devices (Full Flight Simulators, Flight Management Systems, Mockups, Graphical Flight-Deck Simulator, Computer Based Training) and our experienced instructors and examiners, who are still active in the industry, guarantee exceptional training standards.

Our EASA / DGAC approvals and certifications equip us to fully meet our customers’ and partners’ needs and requirements:
– A.T.O. (Approved Training Organization) for flight crew
– M.T.O. (Maintenance Training Organization) for PART147 aircraft maintenance

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Posted: November 4, 2019