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Dear Aviation Professionals,

Flight Simulator Trader would like to briefly update you on the latest products and services:

Upset and Recovery Training (UPRT) and Extended Envelope Training (EET) for your FFS

Compliant with: CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2 & FAA NPRM 14 CFR Part 60
Applicable to: All regular Aircraft types and main FSTD OEMs
Meeting UPRT and Extended Envelope Requirements
  • Aerodynamic Model Update for EET
  • Stall Characteristics & Buffet Tuning (Model/ Motion) for full stall training tasks
  • High Angle of Attack and approach to stall
  • Engine and Airframe Icing
  • UPRT scenarios
  • Integration of IOS Tablet solution
  • Takeoff and Landing with Gusting Crosswinds
  • Recovery from a Bounced Landing
  • Aviation Authority acceptance engineering support

Additional Specifications:

  • External HW and SW Solution, thus no IP issues
  • Boeing approved but available for all aircraft types
  • Type specific modelling or generic modelling on request
  • Connectable to all main FFS manufacturers
  • References readily available and approved

For more information:

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Posted: June 5, 2019