EATS 2013 – Flight Simulator Trader wants to meet you...

Dear APATS attendees,

thank you for visiting our platform via the QR code. This means you have stumbled across the inset of the Halldale CAT Magazine for APATS and we hope to have your attention. If you would like to speak to us in person, we will also be at EATS 2013 in Berlin this year.

Are you a training provider? Are you a flight training system manufacturer? Well, this is interesting for the both of you. Let me introduce our new project and our services. The benefit for you may be manifold as there are new ways to be followed in the training market today. As costs in aviation rise and the pressure to find cost-effective solutions grows, we would like to provide new opportunities in the market and there are benefits for all sides:

Training Providers

  • Find attractive solutions for used flight training devices in our FSTD listing.
  • Do you want to sell your training system and you don´t know how? Our intention is to become the number one platform for simulator sales world-wide. List with us and we support you in the process.
  • Benefit from integrated services along with your purchase (Relocation, Qualification, Documentation, etc..)
  • Are you looking for new training systems? Not a problem, we support you in sourcing, project management, factory acceptance, etc. A detailed listing of our services are to find in FSTD related services.


  • Sell new devices to your customers as we help you to open opportunities by selling the “old” FSTD of your customers.
  • We might even be a platform to sell your newly manufactured devices, it might be worth a try and use our independent position in the market.
  • Offer your customers our service packages to close service gaps and enrich your offers. It might be beneficial to have an external project manager or someone independent conducting factory acceptances. Please see all our FSTD related services here.

Currently we are working on new ways for financing solutions for our customers. If you want to stay current with what is going on in our company, please sign up for the newsletter down below or check our blog section. How about a short video on one of our projects? See it here.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and hope to see you at EATS 2013.

Best regards,

Alexander Schaffler (Managing Director)