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Flight Simulator Services – Relocation

We are offering Flight Simulator Services in various areas. As for your favor we will list some of them here to be read with a good cup of coffee. Here is an introduction of our first service…”Flight Simulator Relocation”

Relocation Service

In our short video presentation you see our relocation service for flight simulators. In this particular project we had sold a fix-base device, an FNPT II according to JAR-FSTD A/ CS-FSTD(A), to one of our customers in France and had been asked to help with the relocation services. We introduced our customer to the particularities of the device (e.g. system handling, basic maintenance, QTG maintenance, visual calibration, etc.) and then disassembled it with the help of their staff. This was necessary, as our customer decided to re-assemble the device in France without any support by Flight Simulator Trader.

The major work dismantling it, had been done in about 2 days, but the most tricky part of it was to get the device, especially the cockpit out of the basement through a wall, which we had to take down. Then lifting the heavy parts proved to be the main challenge, but with a steel ramp and a winch we finally managed to pull the cockpit out of the basement as well as the heavy server rack parts. The project finished after three days and every body was very happy.

You might wonder, are we are also specialised relocating Full Flight Simulators?….Well, we are working together with partners (specialised companies and manufacturers alike) to conduct the relocation of high-fidelity devices for you. So if you don´t know what to do and who to ask, please contact us and we will help you arranging a particular service and assist and manage the process.

Further services we offer can be found in the Services Section of this website.


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Posted: September 10, 2013