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Alsim Al200 MCC

In cooperation with Alsim, Flight Simulator Trader offers a refurbished Alsim AL200 MCC Training Device.

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Simulator basic information
ManufacturerAlsim Flight Training Solutions
Simulated Aircraft
  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna CItation
  • PA34
  • PA44
  • Piper PA28
Engine(s)Generic engine(s)
Date of manufacture tbd
  • adjustable according to aircraft type
  • as required by training
Qualification Qualification level & qualifying authority
  • MCC
Status Disassembled
Image Generator / Visual System
  • Alsim Visual System 208 x 49° panoramic
Hours in Operation -/-

Flight Simulator Trader Service Package available

  • Project Management
  • Application Support
  • Factory Acceptance Support
  • Qualification Support
  • Compliance Monitoring Support
  • Avionics as per aircraft type selected
  • avionics equipped according to training needs
  • Spare Parts Kit available
Image Generator / Visual System
  • Alsim proprietary visual system
  • 3-Channel
  • 208 x 49°
Motion Plattform None
Motion Plattform Detailed -/-
Options -/-
Service Contract on request
Warranty 1 year warranty
Transport & installation on request