FSTD Factory Acceptance Support

This package is intended to be a service package with mandatory items to be done and to minimize the risks to fail qualification & to guarantee a perfectly working device.

Factory Acceptance of FSTDs before delivery

  • Conduction of Factory Acceptance with a skilled pilot and instructor
  • Optional: Simulated CAA qualification with a skilled pilot for integrated testing for evaluation
  • Document control sample check

We will conduct the FAT together with the manufacturer for you in order to save time and resources. We do not only work together with skilled pilots and instructors for each type of aircraft, but also with official FSTD inspectors from the German CAA and we may conduct a “simulated” qualification in order to be sure all qualification relevant items are met. If you want, you surely can join us in the process, but that will only involve one staff and not two or three persons, who will then be blocked for regular operations.