FSTD Purchase


  • Sourcing of FSTDs considering the respective qualification level
  • Communication of requirements to manufacturers and solicitation of quotations/ invitation to tender
  • Collection of offers

We support your sourcing process which can be very time consuming. We will relieve you from unnecessary visits or will accompany you trying to provide insights from an independent perspective. We will communicate all requirements to the manufacturers or help you setting up a tender.

Offer Assessment

  • Comparison of offers in consideration of the requirements specification
  • Comparison of offers in consideration of the best cost-benefit ratio of the manufacturer

After collection of offers we conduct the actual selection process by combining analysis and experience to achieve the best cost-benefit ratio.

Negotiation & Purchase

  • We support & conduct price negotiations for our customers
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for purchase
  • Need financing? We might be able to help you with one of our partners

We will guide you through the purchase process by conducting the negotiation process and by preparing all necessary documentation. If you need financing solutions we also have a potent partner organization which might be able to help you.